A show date has been set for March 4th. We will be playing with One Last Shot and the lovable Nobody's Heroes. It will be at One Station Plaza in Peekskill, NY. We will likely play first. It'll be a good fucking show. One Last Shot is coming back with their bassist turned drummer and a new bassist. They are better than ever and just recorded a S/T CD (to buy it email Onelastshot@hotmail.com)....We'll update what time when we find out, and they'll likely sell drinks (for our conservative straight edgers.) It may easily sell out as only about 100 people, maybe less, can fit in there, so show up early-we will start on time. After this show, we will start to play a lot more shows: Look for us to play different shows with bands like Know Talent, One Last Shot, Spaztic Habits, Nothing Left, and/or Nobodys Heroes.....


WHERE: One Station PlazaWHEN: March 4th, 2000

COST: 8 beans

OTHER BANDS: One Last Shot, Nobodys Heroes